About Me

I created this blog to show my passion for art.
I am 20 years old from Dehradun, India. I am an engineering student pursuing Automotive Design Engineering. I love to work with my pencils in free time.

I am a self taught artist. However, I love to continually grow and look up to a lot of artists. Feel free to post your suggestions about my work.

I started sketching in 2010 and have improved a lot since then. Though I used to sketch when I was a kid but all the sketches that you see here are made after June, 2010.

I don't mind if you use my art on your pages. It's very flattering. If you do, however, PLEASE CREDIT ME. Put "drawing by Apurv Joshi" with the picture. The work is legally mine and you are breaking the Copyright Law by posting it without acknowledging me. This goes for all art by living artists.

If you have any questions about my work, you can message me on the link below.
Facebook Profile : https://www.facebook.com/apurv.joshi.5


E-mail : joshiapurv@gmail.com


  1. U doing great.!!! keep on doin..!!!!

  2. I envy u.Y God .. O why? Why can't i sketch like Apurv? (haha zadda drama ho gaya :P) but..
    Seriously,man u have got talent! Thumbs up!=)
    U gotta tell me how to create skin tone.. any video regarding it.. any kind of tips would be appreciated. =)
    Rock on